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DaMaSCUS - Dark Matter Simulation Code for Underground Simulations

Authors: Timon Emken & Chris Kouvaris

  • DaMaSCUS is a MC simulator of dark matter particles as they move through the Earth and scatter on terrestrial nuclei.
  • It allows to compute the local distortions of the DM density and velocity distribution caused by collisions with nuclei.
  • The distorted distribution functions and redistributed densities are used to give precise estimates of time-dependent signal rates for direct detection experiments and diurnal modulations.
  • A full, realistic model of the Earth is implemented as well as the Earth’s time-dependent velocity and orientation in the galactic frame.
  • DaMaSCUS is written in C++ and fully parallelized (MPI).

For the underlying physics check out the paper . For the code visit the repository .


Simulation of a single DM particle

Simulation of a multiple particles

Evolution of Isodetection Rings

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